When Every Day is Saturday

By Nancy J. LaPointe


Today, you have a routine.  You wake up and off to work you go. In between, you care for yourself and your loved one, maintain your home and car and spend precious little time on your “fun” activities.  You are living your “working” years.  Your time is dictated by your obligations and centered on your work schedule.  For most, Saturday is the day off that you actually have a voice in the schedule and activities.  In my household, it is the day of fun, projects and spending.  How do you spend your time right now and how do you want to enhance those days in the near and long term future?

Soon, every day will be Saturday and you will no longer be earning an income but still spending.  Dream and design that world now.  Balance it with today and tomorrow.  Do not wait till your 60, 65 or 70 to do all your playing.  At the same time, if you do not consider tomorrow in your activities and spending, you may have the time but be without the funding to play.  Invest in your dreams and develop skills and assets today to position you to maximize your “Saturday’s”. 

In your working years, you have income, youth, health but time is the restraint.  In retirement, you have time, but health concerns, the wisdom of experience and funding can be the source of tension.  Life has different stages and each one builds upon the other.   The stages are not in isolation.  The child exists within you, as does the new parent and the new grandparent.   The lessons learned, the career moves, the purchases, etc.  brought you to where you are now.  These experiences will have an effect on your tomorrow.  What choices do you want for yourself and your loved ones, both tomorrow and in future?  How will you spend your time?  What routine will have meaning to you?  You are the designer, and if so, what options do you want?  Start structuring your world intentionally.  Do not waste time by neglecting your “Saturday’s”.   Time is the one thing we cannot get back, everything else we can work on.  How will you invest in who you are?